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Saturday, October 10, 2020

What's his age?

As a blog creator, I'm motivated by number of views. And after abandoning this blog and returning, I wasn't surprised to see that the daily views have dropped significantly. I understand that it will be some time when this blog will see the traffic it used to have, or that it may never have those numbers again (due to the overall decline in popularity of 'ancient' social-media outlet like blogger)

So I ask 2 things of you:

1) Tell your friends that Definition of a Man is back. Please encourage other blogs to add/re-add me to their blogs list.


2) Comment. React to the posts. It's even more motivating than number of views alone.

 And if you need a topic of discussion?

 Here it is: How old do you think he is? (I have no idea what the answer is, so don't expect me to reveal the truth). I'm just curious.

If I were to judge his body alone, I could easily be convinced that he is in his twenties (mid to late). His skin is tight and taunt like that of a young adult, but he's clearly got some years on him in order to build such a solid frame of muscle.

However, now that we know his face, I'd be very unconvinced if you say this man is still in his 20s. The little details that make him look more mature, the laugh lines around his mouth and eyes, puts him at least in his 30s. And it doesn't help that he has a beard, which in my opinion, ages a guy at least 5 years.

So please, do tell me what you think his age me.

Also, sorry to bury the lead, but this guy is #31 of my running list of stock photo men.

Also tell me if you think he should be higher or lower on this list?

(The ranking of these men are subject to change in future editions)


afb said...


PeterStJ said...

I am wondering, does Blogger analytics counts the rss subscribers? I am mostly consuming blogs via rss reader (inoreader) and I don't think it counts those hits. Btw great to see you back on it.

mwsarelh said...

I would guess he is in his late 30s.
Great to see you back at blogging.

Unknown said...

I'd guess 35-36