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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Stock Photo Guy Countdown

This guy is currently #35 in my list of favorite stock photo guys.

Why is he on the list?

Well, he's handsome; a wholesome good boy you can bring home to your mama.

And there is a relatively decent chance of finding non-watermarked photos of him on the web.

Why isn't he higher up on the list?

Well, for one, his photos are captured in a relatively bland way. While his face can draw me in, there's nothing that makes me stay or drives me to research him further.

Secondly, he has a decent body. A nice body. A body most men would proud to have, but there's just nothing that is jawdropping or mindblowing about his physique that would earn him a higher spot. (This is a very objectifying list in a blog that is inherently objectifying, so I have to be honest)

Having said that, 

I do think there is something to be said about an attractive guy that isn't 'intimidatingly hot'.

He seems approachable.

I would feel more comfortable with him being my fitness instructor than a guy who has huge, insanely shredded muscles that would make it impossible for me to concentrate on working out.

 (But let's be honest, this guy is still gonna make me think bedroom-y thoughts if he was my instructor)

If you like this guy, and thinks he should actually be much higher on the list, comment below.

 (The ranking of these men are subject to change in future editions)

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