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Friday, October 2, 2020

Stock Photo Countdown

A hot guy is a hot guy. 
A picture of a hot guy is a hot picture. 
A picture of a shirtless hot guy is a really hot picture.
That's why my affection for hot guys from stock photos is just as strong as my adoration of hot guys from any other photograph.
This month, I'm gonna start a countdown on my favorite men from stock photos.
 The criteria are:
1) The male model must be attractive to me.
2) I must have a 'good set' of his photos.
3) I must have at least a handful of his photos without watermarks.
I will rank and compare him with other guys by:
1) The attractiveness of his face
2) The quality of his body
3) How much effort I put in in archiving his photos.
4) How long I've discovered him
He will have a slight advantage if:
1) I know his name.
2) He has other pictures from non-stock photos.
3) I've featured him before.

The following guy featured below is an honorable mention (at the moment), 
because I don't have that many unique and non-watermarked photos of him.

The countdown begins on my next post, and will last as long as it takes for me to finish the list.

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