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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Still counting down

 At the moment, this guy is #33 of my stock photo men.

 Let's be clear! I like my men with lots of muscle.
And this guy definitely has that in spades!

Let's be doubly clear. I also want my muscled men to be pretty darn ripped (very lean).

Let's be triply crystal clear, there is a point to a man's muscularity that loses its asthetic appeal to me.

And this guy is teeter-tottering on that edge of appeal.

His massive muscle bulk is impressive, but in these pictures he's not 'cut'. 

No, he's definitely not fat, but if he were a competitive body builder, I would say this guy is on his 'bulking' phase rather than 'competition' ready.

I would would to see photos of him a few years earlier, to see him with a little less muscle and a little more definition in his lower abs.

(Rankings of these men is subject to change in future editions)

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