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Monday, October 12, 2020

If only there were more of him...

 Welcome #29 of my favorite stock photo men.

This first photo of the guy was the first image I saw of him!

And my reaction was of course "Wowzer, gimme gimme gimme more"

Naturally, I went searching for more of him. 

And thankfully, I found some more. 

Unfortunately, I found under 10 total photos of him, which is a big disappointment...

Nonetheless, I want to share him--the best of him--with you all today!

Of course, I will want to save a few more pix to future posts, which means I'm spreading him out thin.

But to quote the US President, "It is what it is."

If there were more photos of him, I'm almost positive he will climb up on this list! So this is a message to my eagle-eyed picture scouters: Please be on the look-out for more pix of him in other stock photo images, and report back to me when you have successful tracked more of his photos down. Thanks, much appreciated, sincerely, your humble blogger pal.

(These rankings of stock photo men are subject to change with future editions)

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