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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Calisthenics Aestethics

 I believe calisthenics can produce some of the most beautiful male bodies in the world.

I love that a man can sculpt his physique simply by defying gravity by sheer will of his body.

This man is evidence of that.

He's currently #26 on my list of favorite stock photo men.

A man who can do a muscle-up, or the 'all the way' pullup,' is a noteworthy man in my books!

I think a calisthenically built backside is probably the best kind of back a man can achieve. 
And this man's back is eye-poppingly amazing.

I think this guy is great, so why doesn't he crack the top 20 on this list?

I guess the 'cheating' answer is that he's facing tough competition up ahead.

I can easily see this man's rank rising higher as my taste changes, but for now, he stays #21.

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