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Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Pecs

At first, my codename for this guy was "Ripped shirt guy". After all, this one image is iconic, so irresistible, that it will be forever the image that I most associate with him.

But that codename was problematic in two ways. 1) there are plenty of stock photo guys with ripped shirts and 2) this is the only ripped shirt photo of him.

 So then I had to come up with another codename, and I think this next one is perfect. "The Pecs"

I mean, I honestly can't think of a guy whose pectorals is so prominent and covers such a spacious portion of his chest.

And his large nipples really makes his pecs that much more impressive.

This guy has been featured on this blog many times before, and before he has a limited number of photos, I can't really post many mores without repeating his pix over and over.

However, the four I'm featuring right now are either at the highest resolution I can find of him, or as for the last one, it is the best version of that photo I've found.

The other potential codename for him was "Lucky bitch; cut off her arms and replace them with mine." But I think that would be too wordy, a bit grotesque, and it wasn't about him.

The Pecs is #16 in my list of favorite stock photo men!

(Rankings of these men are subject to change with future editions)

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Black haired cutie

 Welcome #17 of my favorite stock photo men.

 I have a major thing for Caucasian men with really dark brown/black hair.

I also have a thing for super cute guys.

This guy has them both. 

When it comes to downright cuteness....his great smile, his perfect eyes, basically all of his boyish face...he's probably the best of the bunch. It's one of my favorite faces in my collection of stock photo men, but it's certainly the best among the faces that I classify as 'cute.'

And he's got a slim, lean, super-cute body to boot.

If I think so highly of this guy, why is he at this ranking, and not higher?

1) He's a relatively recent discovery. I hold men I've known longer at higher esteem.

2) I don't have a name for him. Very few things about picture collecting is more satisfying to me than knowing a guy's name. Replacing a 'new folder' name to his actual name is immensely gratifying. Then, the ability to search for more pix of him and adding more variety of images to his folder...that's fucking ecstasy. In summary, a man's name is of great value!

3) I prefer man-man to man-boy. While this guy is probably the bestest man-boy I've seen in recent memory, he just can't outclass some of the best man-man in my collection.

And here's a picture of his super cute backside.
(The rankings of these men are subject to change with future editions)

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

It pains me too

Okay, so do you remember me lamenting the fact that I goofed up the numbering of my ranking of these stock photo guys? Remember me mocking myself at my ineptitude? Remember me having to push those early guys back 10 slots, so I could fit in more guys on my list?

Well, um...

I'll have to do it again!

This time, I'm pushing these guys back 5 slots.

But I promise you that this will be the last push back I make in this countdown. I truly truly swear it!

That means that this guy who was #13 on my list earlier this morning is actually now #18. Yes, this pains me as much as it does him to see him drop so 'low' on my list.

 I hope you, the daily viewers, can find it in your heart to forgive me. The only thing I can say is that you won't be disappointed by my top 10.

Brown haired cutie

He's #18 of my favorite stock photo guys.

"Brown haired cutie" is another generic codename, I know. It applies to so many guys.

But I do think the word 'cutie' perfectly fits him.

Everything about him is cute.

His face is cute. His body is cute.

He's not a beefy, hunky brute of a muscular man; he's gorgeous and cute.

He's got the look of your ideal college freshman roommate. And because of this, he's appeared on multiple romance front covers involving 'first time' gay stories.

And because of his look, and because he is wearing boxer shorts, his photos have been manipulated many times to appear as though he is wearing different underwear.

Who is David Russel and why does he get to cradle this guy's crotch?

So, is this guy your favorite yet?

Monday, October 26, 2020

The Tall Guy

  "The Tall Guy" may be the most generic codename yet...but...I mean...I'm not wrong.

Even though we're only seeing the upper half of his body in these first few shots, you can just tell by how much he fills the screen (and the camera angling upward) that he is a man of vertical prowess.

Here's me inviting you to participate and discuss below: How tall do you think he is?

And these wide portrait shots of him only strengthens my claim.

Wait! What is this? What's going on in the pic below?

Is this guy also breaking the 'jeans or gym shorts' rule as well?

Why do hot guys think they can get away with this?

Judges! Referee! Do we need to disqualify this guy for wearing that slim ass thong?

Anyhow, this tall cheater stands erect as #19 of my stock photo hotties.

(Again, how tall do you think he is, and should he be disqualified for daring to wear that black piece?)

(Rankings of these men are subject to change with future editions)

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Shoulder Tattoo Guy

 This is #20 of my list of stock photo men.

It's obvious why I gave this guy the code name "Shoulder tattoo guy". But that does conflict with the fact that the previous guy also had tattoos on his shoulder. Having said that, I do think the star on the shoulder is a more impressive and memorable tattoo than those that the Constructor had.

I could also call him the "guy with the hair that all the guys are sporting these days"...but that didn't seem to have a ring to it, and there are several guys on the list with his hairstyle.

As you can tell, this guy is a solid stud. He has a superhero's body.

And his face is also bold and handsome, also of superheroic qualities.

This guy can easily rise in the ranks, but as of now, I don't have many more photos of him. Because of that, he's lacking in long term appeal.

But you can bet your ass if I see more photos of him, I will share!

(Ranking of these men is subject to change upon future editions)

Saturday, October 24, 2020

A well constructed body

 Meet codename "The Constructor"

#21 on my list of favorite stock photo guys.

It's always good to see a guy hard at work.

And it looks like this guy works hard for his money.

As for me, 'it' is getting hard to see him working.

At the end of the day, I want to give this guy a massage. He deserves it.

I also hope he still has the stamina to work hard in the bedroom.

(The rankings of these men are subject to chance with future editions)

Friday, October 23, 2020

The Teethy Guy

Because I don't know many of these stock photo guys' names,

 I sometimes have to come up with a code-name to reference them...

For this guy, I call him the teethy guy...

Is it fair of me to reduce this guy down to just one aspect of him? Probably not.

After all, there's sooo much to like about this guy!
For one, he has fan-effing-tastic abs. One of the best among these stock photo men. So why can't I call him the abs guy? The obvious reason is that many guys also have great abs--so that's just not a distinguishable enough feature.

I also think this guy has great legs that perfectly fit the overall aesthetic appeal of his body, but there's not enough photos of his legs for me to justify this association.

I could call him the 'nosey' guy, but I think that would be too mean-spirited and too on the nose.

The last two pix of him are probably his best, even though, his teeth aren't featured in these photo. It's easy to see why these pictures are used on so many romance cover novels.
Anyhow, he's #22 on my list of favorite stock photos guys.
Do you approve?
(These rankings are subject to change with future editions)

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Playing with different rules

In the official 'How to be a stock photo hunk' handbook, it clearly states that a man must have a wide variety of photos in which he is

1) shirtless,

2) wearing jeans or a gym shorts

3) and doing some kind of exercise. 

This guy chucks the 'jeans or shorts' rule out the window.

He's in his freaking underwear. Showcasing a very nice outline of his manhood.

And in one photo, his hands is through his underwear.

Um, where's the ref? Is this foul play?

Even though the underwear photos are incredibly sexy,

I can't put this guy much higher on the list,

because there isn't just a lot of variety in the limited number of photos I've found of him.

And also, the competition is tough!

He's standing/laying at #23 in my list of stock photo men.

So what do you think of this guy? Is he really breaking the rules? 
Or would you want to see him to break the rules further?

Comment below.

(Per usual, the rankings of these men are subject to change with future editions)