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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Unmarked & So Hot & And Now Ranked

So this post was originally published 3/22/2016. I'm deciding to re-use this post, move it this date, and name him #30 of the rank of stock photo men. 

The 'unmarked' refers to the photos not having watermarks on them, which is true for the first three pix, but  no longer true for all the pictures in this post. (I hope you don't mind)

As a bonus, I here are some 'marked' but still lovely pix.
If I were to critique this man, I'd say his face is great. A solid 9 out of ten.
His body is also decently muscled and toned, but his nipples are too 'depressed' on his chest. But it's genetics, he can't help it. So it'll be cruel of me to rank him 'low' because of that right?

Well, I'm a cruel critic. 7 out of 10. 
Sue me!
And to the person who asked me what's his name in the original comment...I still have no clue. (Sigh, that's the thing with most of these stock photo guys. The photographs never label his name) 

(The rankings of these men are subject to change with future editions)


Fit Studs said...

Kinda handsome but, that's it.

Anonymous said...

Does this beauty have a name???