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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Have a Sexy Halloween

Costumes are expensive. A batman cowl is 16 bucks; his geared gloves are also the same price. If you buy all the parts to make up a full costume, you'll be shelling out $100! So can you blame when people choose to under dress for Halloween?

Need a last-minute costume idea? How about these?

Serge Henir aka Serge Mironov. It's so sad, he can't afford a complete shirt and pants.
But Serge is downright overdressed compared to these Captain Americas.

Check out these Wolverines.

How about Nightwing?

Green Lantern. With varying amount of body paint.

Superheroes not your thing? How about get a hat and turn yourself into an All American cowboy.

It'll be hard to find wings at the last minute, but hunky angels are meant to be shirtless!

Or how about a warrior of some sort?

Or get yourself baggy cargo pants and suspenders and turn yourself into a firefighter.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ben Gordon Part 2

yay, more of this ga-ga-gorgeous guy!
he's slowly uploading more and more hot photos on his instagram, so check it out!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ben Gordon Part 1

Say hello to my latest instagram crush. Ben Gordon.
Gosh, this guy is so gorgeous! His hair is insane (in a good way!)

Are you floored?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

Kyle Hardwick studio shoot

So which came first? The photos by Scott Cushman, or the photos by David Bickley? 

If you guessed David Bickley, you're right. If you take a look back, Kyle was super lean and ripped in Bickley's photos. Although somewhat less lean, his muscle size was bigger in the Cushman photos. That's a great sign of progress (Even if Kyle sometimes complains that he can't see his abs at the moment, we can assume he's doing a healthy bulk to increase his muscle mass before trimming back down to the Adonis body he has built underneath).
Here he is in color. Gorgeous!
And here he is with a great bunch of fit folks.
(These photos are dated April 2015).

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kyle Hardwick by David Bickley

When I came to (after fainting as a result of displaying the last image from the last post), the compulsion to search for more Kyle Hardwick was stronger than ever, so this is the fruit of my labor: a collection of jaw-dropping shots by David Bickley.
With buzzed hair and a leaner, ripped body (compared to the photos by David Cushman), these photos are just instant classic. Kyle knows how to build that aesthetically pleasing physique of a fitness model, and he does it flawlessly.
Here's my challenge for you (the viewers). Without searching for answers on the internet, do you believe these photos were shot before or after the photos by Scott Cushman?
The answer will be revealed tomorrow (with more pix of him).

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kyle Hardwick by Scott Cushman

Instagram has been a wonderful new source of inspiration to find hot guys and new talented photographers. Even though I've got a busy schedule, and my updates are irregular these days, you should believe me when I say that I've got a second wind when it comes to my desire to update this blog. 

One of my favorite recent discoveries on instagram is Scott Cushman, who not only snap pictures of good-looking guys...he makes each and every single pixel pop. Apparently, photography isn't Scott's main source of income, so he was super relaxed when I asked him to feature his photos on the blog. :-)

Then there's Kyle Hardwick, one of Scott's best photographed subjects. Kyle is a fitness model, and all I can see is great things in his future. Good luck :-) Kyle if you ever see this.

We of course start out with the obligatory shirt-wearing photo. (Don't worry, it doesn't last for long)

Kyle follows photog's orders and shows off more skin!

Yay! Kyle is fully shirtless now. Although he still has to share image realty with a backpack :-P

And then there's this image...which is just...*faints*