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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mario was pathetically scrawny

*Ya know my promise to myself of not taking longer than 15 minutes to do a post...well, it's broken...*

Mario started building his body at age 12; obviously, he was much smaller than he is today. If you want to see a teen-year photo...click here.

In this post, I'll only focus on what he looked like two years ago compared to how he looks now. Some of you might expect a 'huge' change in two years time, but the reality of body building is that an experienced lifter like Mario can only add on muscle mass at an incredibly slow rate compared to beginners. The rate of change is so incremental that it is hard to tell anything has happened if you don't keep a consistent record of your progress. Thankfully, Mario is not shy from the camera, so he has kept a nice photographic database of his change.

And in Mario's case, his change is surprisingly very noticeable!

Way way back in that yesteryear known as 2013, Mario was a weakling. He was embarrassingly scrawny. A puny wimp. A lightweight. A little gust of wind could knock him down. How pathetic!
Just look at how small his arms and torso are. What a loser!
Even wearing a shirt can't hide the fact that he is a weak little man.
Look at his chicken legs...what a sad sight for a man!

Of course you should've read most of my comments above as sarcasm. I believe while Mario is noticeably smaller in size 2 years ago...he is still a muscular well-defined hunk of a man. But let's compare him to how he looks this year!

A bigger but beautifully proportionate man!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kicking Down a Misconception

A muscle bound guy like Mario Schafzahl must have limited range of motion and can't be very flexible, right?


With Jean Claude Van Damme as an idol, Mario had started both strength training and karate training at age 12. It's quite amazing to see now that Mario is 25, he has not lost touch with the training from his teen years!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Mario Schafzahl by Thomas H Lind

Yesterday's post about arms is the last mega-themed-post in a while. It's once again time for me to cut back my time on this blog and focus on other things. I'm making sure no post on any day takes more than 15 minutes of my time.

But we will still finish out Mario's month strong!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Body of a Man: Muscles of the Arms

Working hard to possess spectacular set of guns is admirable, but when the arms get to a certain point in size, they no longer look right. They look like an artificial machine, and you'll have to wonder if the possessor of such arms have the mobility required for everyday functions.

While some can look at Mario and say he has gone overboard, I would 100% disagree with that opinion. From what I've seen/read/noticed, Mario has always been all about the aesthetic look and athletic functionality, and I do not believe he will let his arms get too cumbersome.

But what about other guys in this very diverse world of modelling. What kind of arms do they wield? Let's start with men with slimmer arms and work our way to men with massive arms. At which point does the size become too much for you?

David Entinghe.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Steve Byers.

Frank Hopkins.

Chad Pinther.

Sam Kneen.

Sebastian Scheppler.

Kotze Twins.

Ryan Terry.

Serge Henir.

Trevor Hadley.
(While this might be the point of going overboard for many of you,
I will defend Trevor and say that his arms are well-proportioned to the rest of his magnificent body)

Scott Dorn
(While extreme leanness makes the muscle striations of his arms too shocking for some viewers,
I do believe Scott still has a very well-sized pair of arms).

Alexandre Carneiro.
(Personally, I think Alexandre could benefit from getting leaner so his arms can look even better)

Brian Casad.

Mac Robinson.

Jay Amato.

Steve Moriarty.

Julien Greaux.
(While I don't think Julien's arms are the biggest of the bunch,
 this first photo sure makes it look the biggest)

So, I ask again, at which point does the size of the arms become too big for your liking? Or if you don't want to be negative, who has the most perfect arms in your opinion?