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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Year-In-Review

What's happened in 2014?

Let's see.

In case you want to know about me personally...My professional life is going strong; my second year at this career still present its challenges, but I have high hopes that everything will work out in the end. On the relationship front, I met a young man six years my junior and we dated for several months before he moved to another city (It was a good relationship, all in all, and I'm glad we are still in touch). On the recreational front, I am still going to the gym, though not as often as I wish. Still far from the beach-ready body that the guys on this blog have.

As for this blog, you might have noticed a major shortage of new posts in the second half of this year (main culprit for that: my career). But let's take a look back at what all that happened this year on this blog.

Early on, I made a New Year's resolution called Kiss of the Week in which I mostly successfully completed.

Also in January, I shared my collection of men in union suits. Here's a guy I discovered recently. If anyone knows who he is, please tell me!

Then late in January, I made a case about how we should admire an a man's hard work to achieve a beautiful body more than his genetically gifted good looking face. So I featured only the torsos of men for a short week.

Immediately in February, I showcased one of my favorite discoveries of the year: Sean Sanders. I designated him Man of Two Weeks, even though he was a highlight for the whole month.

Also in February, I featured men doing handstands, and men and their dogs.

March was a surprisingly busy month, where I featured many guys for at least two days (first with their shirt on, then without their shirts). These men included Ken Devo, Drew Kenney, Chris Bailey, Andy Speer, Kyle Wicks, Tim Parrish, Charlie Williams, Todd Lasance, and Corey Sevier. Here's two of the men who will likely reappear on this blog next month (you'll have to wait to see them shirtless again).

In April, I also continued the shirtful/shirtless theme...though not as strictly. This month featured the likes of David Filipiak, Will Tudor, Sullivan Stapleton, Steven Helmkamp. Ken Devo also returned.

May brought about a slight addiction for Zac Efron. I was also mesmerized by Taylor Napier (look forward to him in January). But the man I featured for 4 days was Trevor Lagerwey.

In June, I went to Las Vegas. Which inspired me to do a post on Cirque du Soleil, the pool parties, and the male strip revues.

I also discovered Kerem Bursin who manages at times to look like a total stud as well as an innocent adorable twink...often in the same picture.

Also in June, I started a collection of Warwick Rowers solo and duo and trio and quartet.

In July, I started but quickly quit thereafter, posting pictures of men with their full frontal exposed (while covering them with a letter). Bob Bishop was the man who inspired me to do that.

In July, I also featured Lee Thompson, who was well-favored in the FMK Men's Health game.

Then I put out a poll, asking how I should entitle David Kimmerle, and you wanted him to be Man of the Week.

In August, I featured Ryan Guzman. (He's with his Step Up Revolution castmate Misha Gabriel Hamilton)

September was a slow month, as my career kicked in high gear, and I lazily filled long stretches with book cover models. If you didn't care for that, I'm sorry.

In October, I posted a pic and declared it one of the hottest images I've ever seen in my entire life. It featured this guy...Kirill Dowidoff.

In November, the cover hunks continued as my time devoted for this blog diminished. The book covers also included those of gay erotic author Evan J Xavier. Most important, however, I was still able to post Julian Morris, who has one of the most charming faces in the world.

Finally, in December, I called Steven Dehler 'better than ever', and Artem Kotnekov 'overmuscled'.
I also called the guy below a cutie patootie.
And the world collectively cried when no one could figure out his name :( Seriously, I've found more pix of him, but I still need to know his name. So for God's sake, somebody, tell me his name!

That seems about it...Hope you liked this year-in-review. Did I miss something that you enjoyed seeing this year? If so, comment below. If not, try to find something to comment about. In any case, Happy New Year. See you on the flipside.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A present from google

Google took some random images that I've posted from this blog this year, and used it to make a video collage. I think it looks pretty neat, so I'm sharing it.

Monday, December 29, 2014


Here's a small collection of guys who have hidden their packages from the camera without their pants or underwear.

I'll start out with the hunks of Steam Room Stories, a youtube series that's never disappointing in hunktasticness.

Frankie Cammarata.

Duncan Million.


Kirill Dowidoff.

Liam Hemsworth.

Sam Callahan.

Samyr Fully.

Tom Coleman.

Random unknown hunks. Please help me identify these guys if you know their names. Thanks.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Neil Jackson

He plays the headless horseman in the TV show Sleepy Hollow. You like?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Kiss of the Week 52

My new year resolution for this blog in 2014 was to feature a guy-guy kiss every Friday (or at least every weekend). While I missed a week here and there and had to make up for them by posting twice in a week, I believe this is one of the better new year resolution that I've tried my best to keep. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this series, and of course I'll feature more gay kisses in the future, but at least I don't have to actively search for them every week. Hope you had a great Christmas.
This is Ethan Hethcote and Mark E Miller, quite possibly the cutest couple on youtube.