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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Front to Back

 It's been a couple of days since there's been a new post, so I'd like to return with a vengeance!

I just love looking at all sides of a man. The general rule is, if he has a great front side, he also has a pretty damn nice back! Let's see if this rule applies...

We of course start off with David Kimmerle.

Adam Ayash.

Adam Charlton.

Amin Stryker.

 What is the name of this guy?

Andrew Oliver.

Arthur Keller.

Brian Lewis.

Chris Kruger.

Colt Prattes.

Ethan Turnbull.

Henry Cavill.

JC Salter.

Josh Peters.

Justin Gaston.

Kyle Wicks.

 Lucas Kerr.

Max Papendieck.

 Ryan Terry.
Sam Kneen.

Scott Burn.

Sean Harley.

Shaun Standridge.

Stephen Box.

Trevor Hadley.

Vincent Fiore.
Zack Dudley.

Let's book-end this with David Kimmerle again.