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Monday, June 30, 2014


I don't know who Dale Howard is. I don't know how he is famous. I do know he is from the UK. And I do know these pix are to promote awareness of testicular cancer and a plead for men to get their nether region checked.
For the next handful of days, I'll be featuring the male beauty in all his butt-naked, penis-priding glory. In lieu of putting on that content advisory notice before the blog, I will go ahead and censor the images. When you click on an image, you will see the uncensored version! (Sorry, there are no uncensored version of these Dale Howard pix)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bruce Weber's Almost Romance

And here are the so-close-but-no-cigar,
bromantic, homoerotic,
almost-full-on-gay pix
 in Bruce Weber's work.

Kiss of the Week 26

This image is too perfect for words!
In his illustrious career, Bruce Weber has captured countless beautiful people in various stages of undress. Homoeroticism is an obvious undertone (oxymoron?) of his work. I've seen lots of 'bromantic' pix that pushes that boundary, but never a lip-to-lip man-with-man kiss before. This is a extraordinary!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Re-re-revisiting Logan McNeil

I just love discovering new pix of old favorites. Logan McNeil's first appearance on this blog was in an August 2009 post.
His second post was Nov 1, 2009, in which I bemoaned the fact that his pictures are hard to come by. With help from fellow post readers, I quickly discovered more pix of him, so his third and fourth post came soon after.
Then there was a year-long drought of new Logan McNeil pix. :( Even though in March 2010, Logan had the privilege of being an escort for the Oscars, so it was a delight to see his face and statuesque physique on TV. Logan finally returned to the blog in November 2010; he was as spectacular as ever.
Then a miserable 2+ years of drought, before we got a chance to revisit Logan in January 2013, this time, sporting a bit of a shaggy chest. And so now we've come to today, a year and a half later!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Team Logan

I'm not a marshmallow (a devoted fan of the TV show Veronica Mars), and I have never seen a single episode of the series. But I did rent Veronica Mars the movie recently; it was a decent movie, probably a better treat for fans. And of course as it usually happens after watching a movie, I'm now obsessing over the hot guy in it.
Jason Dohring plays Logan Echolls, Veronica's first love in the tv show. While Veronica starts out in the movie dating Chris Lowell's character Stosh Piznarki (fans who want Veronica to be with him is Team Fiz), when Jason Dohring first appears in the movie wearing a white navy uniform, you can just tell all sorts of sexual tension will take place.
Having looked up pictures of Jason Dohring in the past, I've gotta say that this man is finely aging. Even more ripped and muscular than he ever was in the TV series, and his face has matured into a truly handsome vision.
Fans who want Veronica to be with Logan Echolls is Team Logan. But I'd rather than Jason Dohring for myself, so shall I call myself a 'Dohboy'?
Of course I can't end this post without showing our man shirtless, can I?