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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Diving Duo to End the Month

Congratulations Nick McCrory and David Boudia for winning a bronze for their beautiful effort in synchronized diving. The male duo followed the US women's duo winning silver, so America has ended their diving medal drought of 12 years (and the first men's medal since 1996)!
Hugging after realizing they had won a medal!
So proud of them!

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Two Johns

I would be terribly remiss if I don't acknowledge the last two men in the US men's gymnastics team!

John Orozco is putting up solid numbers, putting the US in first place after preliminaries.
Does he have what it takes to take home a medal alongside teammate Danell Leyva?

Jonathan Horton is the only man on the team who has been to an Olympic game prior to this and the only guy old enough to legally drink! Oh, and he has two Olympic medals to boost!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

FMK these US gymnasts

These guys are not only competing individually, they are also competing as a team against other nations in their beloved sport. A lot is on their plates right now, so having some competition about how hot they are seems so unnecessary and almost absurd. But hey, I never claimed this blog to be intellectual or enlightened. It's a blog about superficially appreciating the beauty of men. So let's play FMK, dang it!

First up is the spiky haired cutie, Sam Mikulak.

Then we have the tallest of the bunch (and probably, most talented), Danell Leyva.

Then we have the tattooed hottie, Jake Dalton.

Based on what you know of these guys and all the pix I've showed you, who would you F, M, and K? Also provide your reason (for example, based solely on beauty; based solely on talent; or a combination of beauty and talent).

Danell Leyva

Standing at 5'7", Danell is the tallest male gymnast in the US team. And so far in the competition, he's #1 for the Men's all-around competition. Let's hope he keeps it up and take home his gold!

Let's also be thankful that this Cuban-born hunk decided to train in the US, because our men's team is currently sitting in first place! 

If the following photos cause light-headedness or high-blood pressure, please don't sue me.
Sue the minds who thought giving the world these amazing pix was a good idea!

There is no shortage of candid (self-shot) pix of Danell Leyva on the web! Just search!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jake Dalton

This 5'5" 20 year old beautiful specimen of a man will represent the US in Men's gymnastics at this year's Olympic games. With him on the roster, this may be the US's best chance in many many years at taking home the gold!

Don't just sit there, get up!
Alright, now that you're standing, do something!

Yes, that's more like it!

One of Jake's best event is the vault! Man, does he look powerful!

He sure knows how to grip a long pole, and spread his legs!

Jake's biggest hurdle might be the pummel horse, so let's hope he doesn't fall off during the competition!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Initiation

Later tonight, London will attempt to rise from under the grand shadow that the Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony cast upon the world. Whether the event will be impressive or an embarrassment has yet to be seen, but I hope it marks the beginning of a great competition for the world's best athletes. Let this be a safe, astonishing, and dream-fulfilling summer Olympics.

There are many many men to root for from the US teams, so I'm starting off with a spiky-haired hottie from the University of Michigan. This 19 year old won the individual all-around title at the 2011 NCAA Men's Gymnastics championship. He was unable to compete in 5 of 6 events in the Olympics trials, but nevertheless, he was chosen for the Men's gymnastic team!

So, here is Sam Mikulak. Do you like him in red?

Or does he look better in blue?

Or do you prefer him in yellow?

Here's a taste of what this boy can do!