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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Same, or Just Similar?

Chet Corey will return on Monday (for the last time as Man of the Week). But right now, I have something very important to bring to you, and I desperately need your opinion on it!

In January of 2009, I called him The Cutest Guy On The Planet.
Unfortunately, I never knew his name :(

I don't easily forget a face, especially when its this gorgeous. Even after so many years, this guy still lingered in the back of my mind, hoping one day a new image of him pops up, and I'll finally learn his name!

Then in a recent issue of Cosmopolitan, I saw this image...

Is this the same guy as above? Or is this wishful thinking?
Here's my argument for why it's the same guy...
1) Those eyes
2) The lips (and the front teeth)
3) To a certain extent, the ears
Here's my argument for why it isn't the same guy...
1) The first guy has a rounder face

And then there's this guy...
Although I'm almost certain he isn't the same as the guy(s) above (because his ears are very distinctive), the nose, lips and eyes sure do look similar!

So, dear beloved readers, what do you think (or know)?
And can you give me the name of any of these guys please?


Jetri Hasri said...

I think the guy in the first 3 pics looks like (is?) Kevin Baker.

Steven Lester said...

The Cosmo guy is the same as who is above him. I base this on the entire shape of his face, which is, shall we say, left-leaning from the nose to the chin. It is quite distinct. Also, as you say, the ears are the same as well. I think that you have found the answer to your question: who is this guy?

Anonymous said...

The guy in the Cosmo photo appears to be the same guy.

Anonymous said...

the magazine ad is closer to the 1st gent above. the face looks rounder on the first guy becuase the hair cut is longer and fuller on the sides, the ad shows the hair much shorter on the sides making his face look slimmer. definitely not the guy in the 2 photos below. sadly I do not know his name.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comments: the guy in the top 3 photos and Cosmo is the same guy. His right ear is noticeably smaller than his left. This assymetry is very noticeable in all four photos / from different angles.

In the final two photos, the guy's ears aren't exactly symmetrical but the difference isn't so obvious. And while it's hard to be sure from the lighting and angles in the photos, his face seems longer and the bridge of his nose narrower than the guy in the first four photos.

Anonymous said...

1st unknown guy: light blue eyes
2nd unknown guy: light blue eyes
3rd unknown guy: green eyes

Between 1st and 2nd, I found the eyebrows and the eye to be different. Specifically the outer corner of the eyes with respect to the outer corner of the brows. The second guy has a more "parallel" alignment eye to brows.

Anonymous said...

Cosmo guy is definitely a match. The more open left, and slightly droopy right eye also match. the slight gap between the two front teeth seems the same width. Also agree with the ear comments above. Congrats.