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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have a Fun Halloween!

But try to not get yourself in tight spots like the following depictions...


*First picture by photog Dan Skinner; second for Abercrombie campaign starring Trevor Neubauer/Trevor Donovan.*

Oh, what to be, what to be?

So many costume options, not a lot of time to wear it? How unfair is it that Halloween lasts only one night?

I so want this chick magnet. And the costume he's wearing.

Should I live long and prosper, with a star trek suit?

And yeah, that is indeed Scott Herman in the mix!

Or should I be a handsome king, or his brave knight?

Or Wolverine? Or John Connor? Or Rocky? Or a gladiator? Or a pirate?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bald has never looked better!

Bald ain't a bad thing no more!

Be Bold, Go Bald! But remember, once you go Bald, you can't go back!
This John Bald is hot; this bald John is not.

Alright, enough with the horrible puns! John Bald is one freakin' sexy gorgeous hunk! An all-around country stud who ain't afraid to get a little dirty doing the tough and manly outdoor activities he loves. Alright, so I have no personal info on this guy, but even if he's really a city-boy, are you gonna love him any less? Didn't think so!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

State of a Man: Ohio

If I should ever find a reason to move out of my homestate and restart a new life, I have one place in mind to find my Mister Right: OHIO!

The MidWest is notoriously known for breeding some of the most outstandingly gorgeous guys in this country...men whose charm and wholesome good looks are always in demand by modeling industry's bigwigs. But I declare, no other state produces them out like Ohio.

Matt Smith, one of Cosmopolitan's Bachelors for 2009, is the latest super-fantastic example from the genetically blessed state. It doesn't get any better than this driven, glasses-wearing, family-orientated, 3rd-grade teacher, who possesses a natural version of Batman's body armor.

Catch glimpses of him in these next few videos.

Although Matt is Number one on many 10-Ten Countdowns, Cosmopolitan's fickle finances has prevented him from being awarded and officially number the Bachelor of the Year, but you can definitely show your support by voting for him over at photo wars poll.

The the gorgeous bachelor who did win in 2007 was Brian Watkins.

And thanks Adam Raphael for working with him and promoting this beautiful guy.

My favorite bachelor to have ever come out of Ohio?
None other than the most gorgeous man in the world! David Entinghe.

A man who woefully has never been picked for bachelor (nor has he ever appeared in Cosmopolitan, that I know of), but none-the-less one of the most beautiful men to walk the Earth!
Tyler Lough!

Know another Ohioan hunk who deserves a spotlight? Inform me and I might consider adding him!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MAXimum Pride!

Can you believe it? Max came out!

To the New York Pride 2009!

Yes, that's right! He came out with his girlfriend to promote DWTS.

Still straight as an uncoiled paper clip, I assume! :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

MANual Labor

I just feel awfully sorry for Max, having to do such a horrible job in order to make ends meet.

Forced to strip half-naked in front of every passers-by at the mall; displaying, exposing, dangling the T-bone steak that is his body before the drooling, panting mass starving to eat him whole *shudders*

Being incessantly bombarded with giggly, obnoxious squawks of pretty girls wanting to have their pictures taken with him, in front of the 3 panel mural of himself. *horrific*

And only very rarely does he get to chillax and hang out with his fellow hunky coworkers.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Body of a Man: Front and Back, yet again

Often, people are put in situations where they must choose between two seemingly opposing ideas. Either be rich in terms of money and wealth, or be rich in the sense of having wonderful friends and family. Either believe in evolution, or intelligent design. Either be popular in school, or be extremely smart. Facing dichotomous pairings like these, people often forget that 'and' is sometimes an option.

So, instead of choosing between a man's spectacular front side or his magnificent backside...we can enjoy him fully, 360 degrees of manly perfection.

Our Man of the Week will kick things off.

Finally, the backside of our Man of the Week!