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Friday, February 29, 2008

Man of the Day: Andy Roddick

Born in Omaha, Nebraska on August 30, 1982, Andrew Stephen Roddick is this blog's first ever ATHLETE Man of the Day. Top-ranked American tennis player, and 6th in the world, Andy is undeniably talented. Also, in my opinion, he's hands down the hottest tennis player to ever exist.
With his good looks, if Andy had no such athletic talent,
he could still earn big bucks as a fulltime model or actor.

What you probably came here for: Shirtless Pictures!

I believe the following shots rival the works of any super male models.
Young HOTT Rod.

I really like to see how such a pretty teen has transformed into an even prettier man.
Andy in his element: Thank goodness for us, Andy loves to practice shirtless!

Andy holds the record for the fastest serve, clocked at 155 mph.
He's beaten his previous records three times before.
andy roddick practice 4
andy roddick pratice 3
My Definition of a Man!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Tyler Became My Boyfriend

It surprised me too! Only a few days ago, I saw Tyler with numerous girls (some of them even naked), so I assumed he was straight. But I'm pleasantly surprised to tell you that I was wrong.

The first hint: he's noticably happiest among his male models.

The second hint: he loves to watch homoerotic wrestling upclose and personal!

The third clue: I caught him looking out the window...


When I finally got the nerves to confront him, he didn't even bother to deny it. In fact, he pulled out his wallet and showed me pictures of him and his past boyfriends. How lovely!

As I marveled at his pictures, Tyler took the chance to ask to have a drink with me. A strange spell surged through my body. Shaking and perspiring profusely, I managed enough control of my neck to give a single nod.

He smiled, took my hand, and we headed to the nearest coffehouse. The drinks were delicious, and our conversation was even better. After that, we went to the beach and he showed me how to surf.

I was a terrible learner, but Tyler was a patient teacher. He promised I'll get the hang of it by our third date, and I may even out-surf him by our 20th date. Yes, folks, he actually said TWENTIETH DATE. Delighted was I to hear that Tyler was already thinking of our near future!

At the end of our date, like a gentleman, he walked me up to the door to my apartment and leaned forward to plant his lips on mine. After the kiss, he wished me goodnight. But I had better ideas, taking his arm and pulling him through the door...

In the early morning, I woke up to find Tyler looking out the window. I quickly got a camera and snapped this shot...

Afterwards, Tyler crawled back to bed and we cuddled for hours upon hours. That's how Tyler became my boyfriend. I can only hope that soon we'll take many beautiful pictures of our own together!

My boyfriend Tyler Wood

If there were an award for BEST DNA COVER EVER, my boyfriend would get it. No contest!

Everybody loves Tyler's long-haired trademark.
This combed look takes some getting used to, but I still love Tyler.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge just how beautiful his arms are!

My boyfriend is shirtless again! Yipee!

Tyler sure loves the beach!

Just. Plain. Gorgeous.

Again, thanks tuespr. I am forever in debt for introducing me to my boyfriend.