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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where is he now?

Doesn't it seem like Nick Auger took one photoshoot and pretty much dropped off the face of the planet?

Yes, sadly, he is not modeling anymore. But I got this from http://www.modelworldtour.com/, sometime in 2007.

"Commercially popular model Nick Auger has just signed to join the Marines Corp. The 2003 Model Universe Champion who's made LA his base for the past few years recently said, "I need a real challenge in my life right now." Hot off print campaigns for Maybelline Asia and Hawaiian Aqua Hotels, the 6'2" former college computer programming major is now at boot camp in Virginia."

Well, where ever he is at the moment, whatever he's doing, I hope Nick Auger the best! I thank him for providing me such wonderful pictures for the blog. His short modeling career has been a success, and if he does return to modeling, I hope him continued success!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hunks and Their Balls

I'm more or less indifferent about sports, but I do love the athletes. Wrestlers, gymnasts, swimmers all have their great qualities, but you can argue that sports involving balls are in a league of their own. There's just something about confident guys knowing how to hold, toss, kick, bat, spike, and otherwise manipulate their various kinds of balls that gets me excited.

Okay, enough with that terrible introduction. Here are various 'manly' sports involving balls (I didn't include golf and croquet becacuse I don't think it's manly enough).

Artist Michael Breyette depicts the hotness of basketball and rugby.

Photographer Gabriel Goldberg highlights the glamour of football and tennis.
Danny Thorn is the model.

Abercrombie and Fitch showcases the hotness of soccer and volleyball.

Allamericanguys displays the sexiness of baseball.

(I realize Jesse isn't holding a ball, but whatever!)

Here's a more in-depth look at some of these sports.

BASKETBALL: My favorite sport to watch!

Nick Auger. Athletic perfection.

Jesse Dillard, his ball, and the weird-but-hot indentation on his jaw.

Boy, what I would give to have Michael Lewis teach me the sport.

I like basketball bodies more than football. Wally Szczerbiak is one of the reasons why.

This guy is named Christian Moody. He used to play for the university I attend. Now he's a medical school student. Looking hot in both jerseys and scrubs, Christian is the perfect amalgamation of brain and brawn. My definition of a man!

Unknown Basketball Hotties

FOOTBALL: Hunkiest sport of all!

Chace Crawford, his ball, and messy cool hair.

(I spelled his name wrong in the photos, so if you copy it, just change it)

All American Football!

Bryan Thomas has the kind of body that I just love to post big.

Triple dose of Josh Ohl. Can anyone complain?

Again, Bryan Thomas. This time, with John M.

(May 25, 2008) So far Derek Russo has been identified...

Does anyone recognize these studs?

RUGBY: Produces the hottest athletes in the world!

TJ Cummings. YOWSER!

Julian Hans. What a cutie!

SOCCER: The most watched sport in the world.

Unknown Soccer Hotties.

VOLLEYBALL: The most skin exposed sport!

WATER POLO: Ball that looks too much like volleyball.

I'll end with an image that's not a sport at all. But still, that's a huge ball!