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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year-In-Review 2008

Lots has happened this year! So I won't waste your time anymore. Let's get on with the review!

We started January as a dedication to Nick Auger.

And the beginning of my mega-themed series on Colors!

February featured two Men of the Weeks.
Bruno Rosendo.

And Tyler Wood.

In March, I pushed some naughty boundaries...

It was also the beginning of the Pic of the Day series.

In April, Jeremy Santucci was Man for TWO Weeks.

Also, there was the All Amercian Guys Countdown...

In May, Number one AAG Tyler Lough became Man for another Two Weeks.

I also pitted the Carlson Twins against the Clippingers.

In June, I featured the Men in My Life.

It was also the beginning of my obsession with John Kenney.

July was a great time to feature my Angel: David Entinghe.

And I also got a bit obsessive about straight guys!

August was not a well-themed Month which
featured these three models in a poll!

I also posted Guys I Hate, Gaming Hunks, and the Olympics.

September first greeted Man of the Week: Charles Devoe.

It ended with Man of Two Weeks: Garrett Neff.

October, I finally revealed to nobody's surprise that my favorite color was Orange.

Also, Brandon Stoughton's appearance on
Britney Spear's video brought great traffic to my site!

And a small series on guys named Hunter.

November was a tribute to the third Man of the Month: Chad Pinther.

I also made my case for Pajamas and Robes.

We ended the last Month with Man of the Week Ryan Vigilant.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Man of the Day: Bradly Tomberlin

What can I say about one of the most perfect men in the world?

For me, handsome is the ultimate description of a man, yet sometimes, the word still isn't quite good enough to describe how totally in awe I am with this 32-year-old hunk.

If Mark Ricketson is the ideal young Superman, than Bradly would make for an awesome Dark Knight! How I would love to ride in his bat mobile!

I realize classifying Bradly as Man of the Day is total injustice to the beauty of his man. I love him so much, I would dedicate a Month for him in a heartbeat, if only I had more pictures. : (


Anyhow, check out all the previous posts in which Brad has appeared.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Man of the Moment: Peter Stubbs

Introducing one of the sexiest men from Sydney, Australia.

Standing 5'8", Peter is slightly shorter than most male models. But does it seriously matter?
Not in the least bit; not when every 68 inches of your body is built to perfection!

These pictures are obviously taken by Australian photographer Simon Le. The collaboration is one of a kind! So great, I didn't even bother uploading the non-Simon Le pix.

Of course, you can check out Peter's work with other photographers at his Model Mayhem portfolio.

You can also check out the December 2008 issue of AXN magazine featuring Peter as coverboy.
And now, I have a few questions for you...