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Friday, November 30, 2007

Brett Hollands and Company

Oh, how bittersweet! This will be the last official post dedicated to the Man of the Month. For those who viewed my blog because of Brett Hollands, I hope you stick around! For those who learned about Brett Hollands just now, I hope you've appreciated this man as much as I do.

Without further ado, I present to you...

Brett with Women!

These next three photos are my favorites.
This last one is my favorite favorite.
So if you have a large, high quality version, I'd love to have it.

Brett with Children!
Thank God Brett is not my father.
I can ogle at him as much as I want without the need for psychotherapy.

Brett with Dog!

Brett with Ape!

Brett in Threesome.

Better kind of Threesome!

I laugh everytime I look at this photo.
Brett seems so pissed the other guy is stealing his girl's attention.

I still have lots of his photos stored in my disc. So this is far from the last time you see Brett Hollands on this blog. Major thanks to Brett Hollands's yahoo group for the majority of the quality photos I presented. As Brett continues to produce great works of fashion, I'll definitely keep you updated!
This won't be the last time I say it: Brett Hollands is THE Definition of a Man!

Brett Hollands Suited Up

The Man of the Month has made quite a career out of modeling for catalogues, so it would be a real travesty not to honor his work in that industry of modeling that many of us might consider 'boring.'

Back in high school, I remember it used to be impossible to flick through a store ad from Kohl's, Dillards, JCPenny, KMART, etc. and not see Brett Hollands in it. Now that I live on university campus, store ads don't come to our apartment, so I don't know if Brett is still filling those pages with his wonderfully clothed body and handsome face.

Hands down, without a doubt, no other man can match the graceful, majestic, awe-inspiring beauty of Brett Hollands in a suit.

How do you like your Brett Hollands?

Clench of the Jaw OR Smile without Flaw

On the Move VS In the Groove

(Hmm, I wonder if he's 35 yet. Cause he'll be eligible to run for president!
I would listen to anything this man has to say.)

Again, I'll end with my favorite.

Comfort is key!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hot Magazines!

Never have I picked up any of these magazines, flipped through them, or had any intention to buy. Mostly because I'm still closeted in real life. But also because I don't know if there are that many interesting articles between the covers. Nonetheless, I'm gonna judge these magazines by their covers...or more precisely, by their cover models.

But first, I'll start off with a guy who deserves a small section for himself...
Tyler Lough
God! I love those pretty blue eyes.

More GENRE...
This magazine should get the award for BEST SELECTION of HOT MEN

Aitor Mateo *updated 8/21/08*. Micky Friedmann.

Aussie Mag DNA also has a high standard of hot guys.
But it's the background that I especially love about these covers!

I've looked at a couple of other issues.
Sometimes they show shirtless guys, but rarely as hot as him!

Thanks tuespr for this of Steve Smith.
The magazine seems geared towards an older generation of men,
but still quite hot.

Gaytimes. I'm guessin', you'll have a fun ol' gay time readin' it.

Which Issue isn't a NAKED ISSUE?

The more fashion forward mag DNR. Cover model Clay Womack.

I've posted similar photos in the Studs & Steeds section,
but here's a bigger version of Chad White in Out.

If you want to bulk up...
Matthew Born (These guys could be your trainer) James Ellis

Back in primary school, I often went with my mom to the supermarket, and on the rack near the entrace of the store, they always had this magazine. Walking by, I always get excited to steal glances at the covers, and I think it's the first time I learned of my attraction to men.
Readers of Men's Health magazine made a great choice:
Chris Whitlow as Cover Model of the Year

The mag has been featuring a lot of actors lately. Not that I'm complaining.
Jason Statham. Ryan Reynolds.

Perhaps, the Healthiest Man of All...

Totally love the drenched shirt.