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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I am a sick, twisted, peverted guy. I really am! I LOVE seeing hot guys in SCAREY movies. And yes, that's how I like to spell SCAREY! I get turned on seeing guys being tortured and screaming. But I feel sad when an especially hot guy dies near the beginning of the movie, and I'd rather have at least one hunk survive at the end.

Here are some SCAREY movies with noteworthy hotties.

JEEPERS CREEPERS (especially #2) may be about the best mainstream HORROR movie in terms of featuring hunks who whip off their shirts for no apparent reason. The movie also probably has the gayest monster ever. I mean, it wants to collect bodies of hot, hunky guys and take them to his lair! The homoeroticism in this movie can be explained by the fact that the director Victor Salva is openly gay (too bad he's also a convicted sex offender)

Al Santos (below) is arguably the sexiest guy in the film. His death scene is especially great as he suddenly becomes shirtless and HEADLESS and swings his arms about before he falls down.

Slasher movies like NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET has always featured some very cute guys who end up dead. The absolute best death scene in the series stars a major hunk named Robert Rusler.

Why look at pictures when you can WATCH what I think is the HOTTEST death scene in horror movie history.

Robert Rusler has got to be the king of hot death scenes. Here he is in 1986's Vamp. (update 11/3)

Freddy's rival, Jason Voorhees from FRIDAY THE 13TH has killed his fair share of cute guys. My favorite was in the third movie. This guy is a stud, pulling up his girlfriend with his own strength. I totally loved the way the muscle of his back rippled in this scene. Totally HOT!

The actor is Paul Kratka, and his death is notable because the movie was originally in 3D. So his eyes popped out of the screen when theatre-goers saw it.

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and its sequel are pretty standard slasher films, but they do hire pretty hot actors.

Freddie Prinze Jr (neither pictures are from the movie)

Matthew Settle

The much better franchise SCREAM boasts a lot of hot guys as well.

Skeet Ulrich (none of these photos are from the movie)

Jerry O'Connell. There is a great scene in the movie where he practically crucified. Somehow, I can't find any picture of it online. Well, enjoy these shirtless classics anyhow.

Scott Foley (pics not from movie) (update 11/2)

A scarey movie you've likely never heard of is 2001 MANIACS. It features a tri of very cute guys. In order of the photo, Jay Gillespie, Dylan Edrington, and Matt Carey.

Though Jay Gillespie is the 'main' guy in the movie...

...my favorite is the supercute Dylan Edrington

Unfortunately he's the first of the three guys to die. But at least he shows off his nice arse before dying in a pretty erotic way.

I've heard of this gay slasher movie, HELLBENT, for some time now, but thanks to TottyLand, we have a decent clip from the movie.

Or you can watch the generic trailer here. I can't find this movie at Border's and they usually sell everything. I just may have to buy it online.

The BROTHERHOOD series has always been gay to the max. I'm not even calling it homoerotic which implies that the guys are acting straight but have homosexual tendecies...I'm saying it full-fledged GAY! And that's why I totally want to see them! (update 11/2)

This is from the original movie.

This is from the fourth in the series.

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE series consistently fill the screen with a lot of great guys and their deaths.

Jonathan Tucker (these photos aren't from the movie) The black and white photograph seemed relatively popular so I found and added a bigger version. Updated 11/1

Mike Vogel

Taylor Handley

The best of the bunch is Matthew Bomer.

For twisted pleasure, watch Taylor Handley and Matthew Bomer struggle for their lives.

Saving the best for last

The CHILD'S PLAY series featuring the murdering doll Chucky has always been disappointing when it comes to featuring sexy hunks. But then comes BRIDE OF CHUCKY, my favorite movie in the franchise. WHY? Is it because there is a rather cute cop whose throat get slit at the beginning of the movie? Is it because of the guy who was suffocated while being tied to a bed? Is it because of the couple who died during sexual foreplay when shards of broken glass rain down on them? Perhaps, a little of each...BUT THE GREATEST REASON IS HIM...

Nick Stabile is my all-time favorite hunk in any horror film. The above photos and video are reasons enough. But he is also quite a hero in the movie, shielding his girlfriend by taking a knife in the back. And he manages to do the NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE in a slasher flick, he actually survives!!!! Don't be surprised to see him featured as Man of the Week in the near future.

My recommendation is to check out these movies if you haven't seen them already. While passing out candy to the kids that knock at your door, you can enjoy these hunk-a-treats as well!

Fully-Clothed Hotness

Men do not have to take off their shirts to be SMOKIN' HOT!!!
Here are some great examples.

Usually, I don't care much for deep chin dimples, but he's a great exception.

Daniel di Tomasso. Ruggedly handsome.

Chance Stroot. I like the way he leans.

Parker Gregory. Lots to love about him,
but his name is too awesome.

Tyler Denk. Grainy picture but still a great face.

Jeff Kunard. Lovin' his bad boy look.

Tyson Ballou. In a preppy polo.

Gabriel Aubry. What a beautiful man!

Matt Loewen. Wow, he actually looks beefier with his shirt on than without.

Mitch Hewer. Lip-bitingly delicious.

Brad Pinkert. Loved him since his appearance on America's Next Top Model.

I know his first name is Michael. Someone suggested the last is Dolan.

Marcel. No one knows his last name. Updated 3/30/08.

Random Hotties