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Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Forward 2008

What could you expect to see more of next year? Well for one, I kinda like this alphabet thing, so I'll be doing lots of that...


Bouska, Adam photographer
Jimmy Heck, model

David Fumero and brother

Dominated Men

Ethnic Variety


Gay Fiction: Visit http://www.agaysex.com/ if you're into erotic reading.

Hedquist, Julien.

Imitation of my five favorite blogs:
Just Beautiful Men, Hans is Great, Male and Beautiful, Tottyland, Daily Slab

Jake Campione




Nick Auger
Coming very very very soon!



Quality Pics

Model Tyler Wood.

Recycled Material
Who is he? I need to know!



Former Trinity quarterback, Brian Brohm.

Valentine Special

Photo illustration by Rene Flores, copyright 2007, used with permission. From Jerky Pants.


XX pics
very explicit 'softcore' sexual poses

Yves Carradine

Zany Poses

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Looking Back 2007

Alphabetical review of notable people, interesting posts that made my blog this year. And since we're looking back, why not start with Z?

Zagorski, Maxwell

Yearly Scare
Nick Stabile from "Bride of Chucky"

X pics (mostly found in October posts)

Wet-shirt Hunks
Rib Hillis
(if you download his pic, you might wanna change 'rob hills' to 'rib hillis')


Unexposed (Fully-Clothed Hotness)
Eric Close

Kyle and Lane Carlson

Soap Hunks
Brandon Beemer

Restrained Men.

Derek Medlin

Quarterly of A&F

Parker Gregory

Olsen, Ambrose



Todd Sanfield

Lough, Tyler

Kevin Gould

James Ellis

Identification of Unknown
Who is he!?!?

Hollands, Brett

Geoff Burns

Face (Visage)


Draper, Bryce

Churchill, Michael.

Photography David Morgan.

Arm (II)/Armpit

They'll be one more post on New Year's Eve!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Christmas Post

Christmas is the anniversary of Jesus Christ's birth, but because I'm not a Christian, I only get to celebrate the commercial tradition of the holiday. And I'm totally fine with that.

I don't have a tree, but if someone this hot can come and help me decorate...I'll buy 100!

This year, like every other year, I'll wait for Santa. I'll also give/receive presents.

I'll be wanting to kiss under the mistletoe.

I think I've been EXTRA NICE this year, so I think I'll buy myself some presents!

I'll purchase the vacuum if he comes as a kit.

I'll buy the sheets, if I can use him as pillow.

For more Holiday hunks, visit Restoring Love!!!

Thanks Walhallia for the two below.

But all the guys above are merely 'boytoys.'

After shopping, the Man I'd like to come home to is...
I really shouldn't even need to introduce him by this point,
but for those who are new to this blog.
Whether you're a lady, or a gentleman...

Just imagine cuddling in front of the hearth...
Leaning back against Brett Hollands' body, with his wonderful arms wrapped around you.
Now that's what I call Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas everyone. Look forward to another post before the end of the year!