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Sunday, September 6, 2020

the stages of collecting...

Finding a picture of a random hot guy and sharing it is easy. But it's impossible for me to stop there. My curious mind must know his name. But that's easier said than done.

1) Step one. Encounter a hot guy. 

For example, in January 2009, I found this guy in a Macy's online catalog. I just had to share him with you all, and deemed him the Cutest Guy on the Planet.

Step 1.5) Collecting more pix of the guy from the same series.

I used my basic knowledge of extracting images (and a little program) to find as many pictures of the guy from the Macy's catalog. 

Step 2) Use Google Images reverse search (or a similar site like tineye.com) to find similar pictures that are on the internet, and hopefully, it would lead to a link with the man's name.

This step has often proven to produce good results. Sorting through all the text that accompanies the pictures, it is very possible to identify the guy's name from this method.

Unfortunately, yet comically, the only pictures of this guy to proliferate outside of the Macy's catalog is from...ya guessed it...my website.

Step 3) Be patient. Wait! Keep him in the back of your mind. Always be vigilant that he might show up again one day.

Step 4) Stumbling upon another picture of the guy, but from a different source.

For example, three years later, in January 2012, I found this guy in a page of Cosmo. I was confident it was the same guy, but I had to be extra sure, so I put it out there and asked the viewers if you thought it was indeed the same guy. Everyone seemed to agree they were one and the same.

Step 5) Use Google Images reverse search with the newfound image.

While I did find a similar picture of him, I couldn't find a name attached to him. So that was a bust again.

Step 6)  Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time"--Leo Tolstoy.

 I keep telling myself these things as I continue to collect pictures of other men, knowing that serendipity would soon unite me with his name.

Step 7) Get lucky again!

So how did I finally learn the name of my example guy? Of course it comes when you least expect it.

I was in the process of finding the name of a (different) guy. This particular guy turned out to be Todd T. If you're anal like me, you will want to know what the T stands for...so of course I searched his name to see what I could find.

Then...it happened...I found it...the name of the guy I've been searching for since 2009.

Step 8) Once I finally know his name, then it's much easier from then on to scour the world wide web to collect as many high-quality images of the guy as I can.

It turns out, his name is Todd Litzinger. And he's a model as well as an actor (not surprising). 

Here is a photo of him appearing in an event called Adam & Eve. Let's just say there are poses that he does in these photos that make me very curious as to his sexual preference. (But maybe I'm reading too much into it)

Step 9) Share him to the world!

Even though I had very little intention of restarting this blog, the utter gratification of my 11 year search coming to amazing fruition is something that I couldn't keep to myself! Knowing a guy's name and sharing it with you all is the opioid of this addictive hobby. 

So yes, you can thank the revival of the blog to this guy!

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