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Saturday, September 12, 2020

About Bill Henson

Let's tie up a loose end, shall we?
Before the blog went on a two year hiatus, I posted that pic of Bill Henson and asked you to guess what he is most known for.
Whether or not you know it already, I'll finally answer it today!
He's a gay porn star. 
This is shocking to me! Because he simply doesn't look like a porn star of the 80's. 
His look is timeless. If you ignore the color palette and somewhat 'vintage' quality of the images, I could easily be convinced he was in his prime during the 90s or early 2000's. Even though his hairstyle has a 'blown' look of the 80s, he keeps his hair short, which is aesthetically pleasing in any decade.
If I didn't know beforehand, and I was forced to guess, I'd say he was a movie star--a teen romance heartthrob. He could easily replace Michael Schoeffling as alluring Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles.

My second guess is a simple one: a male model, probably for underwear or swimwear. 
My third guess is an athlete, perhaps an Olympian, perhaps a skier, or a swimmer.

My chance discovery of his existence was filled with both jubilation but also great disappointment.
While I was deep in a youtube rabbit hole, I clicked on a youtube video titled "dead gay porn stars memorial."
It wasn't long before the most gorgeous face appeared on screen. A face of an all-American boy; a face you would want to bring home to your family. But with his image were the captions: 
Bill Henson

Of course that brought my mind into a dark place, imagining the destruction of his beauty as he succumbed to the illness.

Anyhow, I can only hope he was with loved ones as he passed away. I also hope that as an angel, Bill's body, face, and soul is restored to his prime and shall be that way in his eternity.

I also choose to believe that he and other angles like him are guiding today's scientists to invent miracle drugs that can inhibit retrovirus replication so that HIV is no longer a devastating death sentence (for those who have access to these drugs.)

Thanks Bill!

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