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Friday, September 4, 2020

A more relaxed approach

This hobby of collecting and sharing pictures of gorgeous men is quite addictive. The blog has often consumed my time, energy, and psyche. Sometimes, it feels like a second job, but I don't get paid for working. And with more responsibilities in my personal life, maintaining a blog at the pace I was doing just wasn't feasible. So I just stopped, abruptly and without much fanfare. (Sorry, not sorry)

So if this blog were to have a future, this restart must be different!

There will not be those thematic collection of photos that I used to do in a superpost. Instead, I might have a running theme that lasts for a several weeks, spread out over many many posts. (But even that sounds daunting, so don't expect too much of that)

There will no official declaration of a Man of the Week, or Man of the Month. But if there is a guy I'm really into, you might see him pop up frequently.

The content will be even more selective than before. If I find 20 pictures of a guy, but only 10 of them are up to my standards, then I will only post those 10 pix.

In addition, those 10 pix will likely be released over several posts. (My goal is to stretch the content to entice you just enough to want to come back for more!)

Anyway, we'll see how it goes!


Anonymous said...

I would like to email you! it's important, thank you!

Kenneth Johnson said...

You can contact me at kenneth_the_stud@yahoo.com. (Yes, I am the blog's creator)