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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Hunks on Instagram

Let's see how long my blogging streak lasts this time, shall we?

Here are Christmas-themed pictures that I found posted in the last few days. 


Danny Dobson @dobson_fitness . Dusty Lachowicz @dustylachowicz

Josh Carroll @swaggyjc . Garrett Westton @garrettwestton

Alex Crockford @alexcrockford . Antonio Pozo @antonio.pozo

Brad Sturgeon @bradleysturgeon . Not sure this name @scarx00

Max Emerson and beau @maxisms

PJ and Thomas @thepropertylovers .

Drew Schiff @drewschiff . Enzo Carini @enzo_carini

Florian (not sure last name) @Florian_model . Nick Scherner @nickscherner .

Brad Brooks @bradleyjbrooks . Kenneth Johnson @kenneththestud .

1 comment:

Gordon Harris said...

Any of these hunks would make anybody's Christmas merrier.
Thanks & Hugs, Gordon