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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FMK these Sarah Castille cover hunks

If you don't know what FMK is... Of these three guys, you must pick one to FUCK (one night stand), one to MARRY (and yes, you get to fuck), and one to KILL (or at least reject if he asks you out).

And let's just call them by the last word of their book titles.

Mr. Contact.

Mr. Ropes.

Mr. Corner.


Myron said...

F - Mr. Contact
M - Mr. Corner
K - Mr. Ropes

Anonymous said...

F rope
M corner
K contact

Anonymous said...

F - Mr. Against The Ropes
M - Mr. In Your Corner
K - Mr. Full Contact

Fit Studs said...

Ropes is my fave. But the last one could also get it. :)

F - Mr. Corner
M - Mr. Ropes
K - Mr. Contact

Chris said...

Kill the two with tattoos. Marry Ropes.