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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Well Suited Men

While it's always great to admire a shirtless man, sometimes though, you gotta also have a man who you can proudly take to a formal event. You would want your arm-candy to look good in his finest attire. You would want him looking comfortable and radiating confidence in a suit. You would want others to be envious, and have to imagine what's underneath the layers of finely pressed tux. Well, the following is a selection of such show-stopping men who will make the best accessory on the red carpet.

We'll start out with our Man of the Month: Alex Crockford.

Arthur Kulkov.

Channing Tatum.

One of my favorite men ever: David Entinghe.

Former Man of the Month: Drew Pare.

Eddie Redmayne.

Francis Cadieux.

Garrett Neff.

Lance Parker.

Matt Bomer.

Noah Mills.

Paddy Mitchell.

Valeriu Gutu.

Pietro Bosselli. Sean Sanders.


Fit Studs said...

Alex Crockfor is the most handsome, really. Think I'm getting into him more & more... :D Growing on me, haha!

My babe, Pietro Bosselli... <3

Lance Parker is actually less attractive in here, probably because of the glasses.

uncle barry said...

"Every Girill's Crazy 'Bout a Sharp Dressed Man" 😎

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Eddie Redmayne proves that you don't need that swoonsome looks or muscular body to rock a suit. He looks GREAT!