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Friday, January 8, 2016

Pure Romance

Yes, that long stream of air escaping your mouth is called sighing.
And that way you're swaying you're body right now is called swooning.
And that thing you're doing with your wide eyes is called ogling.
And the jagged breaths you're now taking is called panting.
And the wetness you're wiping off your chin is called drooling.
And don't worry if you feel overwhelmed. These are all perfectly normal reactions to seeing this beautiful man shed his suit right in front of you.
And if you're not reacting in these manners, you should check your pulse. Because you may be dead.
Alright now,  on a count of three...let's all of us faint at once.


Fit Studs said...

Lovely post, love the romance & his abs! ^_^

uncle barry said...

😂 One of your finest posts that I have seen
Love It ❤❤❤

Luke said...

One hot set...love it!