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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Matt Bomer for Men's Fitness

This is looking to be the start of a fantastic new year! Seeing the digital copy of Men's Fitness appear on my Kindle with Matt Bomer's wet white t-shirt clinging to his abs...I pretty much mentally orgasmed. I would drop my panties for this man, and do all sorts of things to and for him! Too bad he's taken!

The resolution for the cover page isn't as great as I want it. If I find a better version, I'll replace this image immediately.
As I've said before, the 'getting out of the pool' pose is one of the sexiest visuals ever, and this is among the very best of them!
If Matt is All In, you can count me in as well!


Fit Studs said...

Never have I ever been into him. Nor I ever will, let's be honest. :D
Not my type, at all.

christian hernandez said...

this men's fitness just came in the mail today... I'll need some time alone.. to read the articles, of course.