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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Locker Room Selfie

Okay, I'm cheating a little. These pix of Alex Crockford probably isn't in a lockerroom, but oh well.

Alex Muller.

Antonio Pozo.

Christian Hogue and friends. Do we know his friends' names?

Davey Lawson.

Dean Michael.

James Sinclair.

Marc Dylan.

Phil Will.

Pietro Boselli. Who is his friend?

Steve Grand.

Zach Massey. (Thanks for ID from previous post)

Here are two unknowns. One of them had an unfortunate photobomb.


Anonymous said...

Pietro Boselli's friend is Diego Sechi.

uncle barry said...

I believe that Christian's friends are pecy aby and hunky
That picture of Davey Lawson in a towel makes me drop to my knees 😲
And the hunk in the last pic could inspire a new Tarzan movie 😜

Anonymous said...

I love "Clark-Kent-Superman" hybrid Pietro Boselli! *sigh*

Fit Studs said...

I'm in love with Antonio Pozo, actually. Yup, you probably helped that! ^_^

Also, Dean Michael could totally get it, as well as Pietro Boselli... Always!
The photobombed buff guy, he is S-E-X. Btw, the last dude's name is Dimitrije Nedeljkovic, & he's ALL yours. :D