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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year with a Man of the Month!

Sometime in March, I had 666 followers (for many weeks). I made a post about how weird that was and it took a while but the number of followers did increase gradually over time. Then sometime in December, I noticed a rapid drop in followers, and now that number is 561.

In unrelated news, I have 815 instagram followers.

Perhaps the reason for the drop in subscribed viewership was because I featured a Man that not a lot of people seemed to care for for two entire weeks. While I maintain that Justin Maina is an amazing looking guy, and how could anyone turn him down if he asked you out on a date?

Anyhow, have I learned my lesson on featuring a guy so much that people started to hate him? Have I learned not to cram a guy down other people's throats?

Not really.

Because, meet your Man of the Month: Alex Crockford!

Here is my verbose disclaimer: Although it is unfathomable for me to conceive how this is possible, Alex Crockford may not be your cup of tea; he may not be your type; he may not be your definition of a man. But he is my cup of tea; my type; my definition of a man. He is one of the hottest, finest man I have ever laid eyes on, and I do believe he deserves to be held among the ranks of Brett Hollands, Nick Auger, Chad Pinther, and Mario Schafzahl. Because this is my blog after all, I am going to enjoy this month no matter what; my only hope is that most of you will enjoy it with me.

Do I want to turn off more viewers? No, not really. If I said I do this blogging as a hobby purely for me...and that all the satisfactions comes from within...that would be a lie. The truth is: I spend so much time and effort to deliver the best images of the best guys on the internet...I actually do like being recognized for the hard work. And losing viewers does hurt my feelings a bit.

So what's the compromise?

I will feature Alex every other day this month, so viewers who don't wish to see Alex everyday can still enjoy seeing a variety of faces this month. Otherwise, I will not apologize for this Alex Crockford-heavy month. I will love every moment of ogling, drooling, and sighing as I present this man to you, and I hope you ogle, drool, and sigh as much as I do!


Lukusj said...

He is gorgeous, kind of has a Chris Evans look going for him. Keep doing what you are doing! - LJ

Hot guys blog said...

Yeah, think I've shared a pic or two of him on my blog as well. He's got a cool body/kinda cool face too, but he's not all that. Whole month? Wow, I think a week would've been good enough.

Bet you've got a lot of his photo material.