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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Grading Tattoos Part 2

Here's part 2 of my critique of men and their tattoos.

Let's start off again with the Man of the Month: Alex Crockford.

Jake Bereson. 
His upper left arm tattoo is fine (B), but his wordy tattoos don't look great (C minus). Overall, C plus.

Jonathan Lipnicki.
Simple. Prominent. Meaningful. This is a solid B.

Layton Draper.
This is one outstanding hottie. I kinda wished he didn't choose to cover so much of his midsection with tattoos. If you've got abs, showcase them proudly...don't cover them up. Poor placement of tattoos...therefore C minus.

Lazar Angelov.
These tattoos really do work on him. B.

Mac Robinson.
I like the style of the words, and the words themselves. I also like that they are on a part of the body that isn't always on display. Only when he lifts up his arms do we get the privilege to see his tattoos, which makes it them feel special. For great placement and overall artistic style, this deserves a B plus.

 Sam Kneen.
Simple and sweet and tastefully done. B.

Serge Henir.
You know, for a paragraph written on his chest, it doesn't look half bad.
And the NEVER GIVE UP on his shoulder looks very good as well.
B plus.

Sven Borst.
Even though the tattoos cover too much of his body, they actually look very well designed.

Trevor Hadley.
The size of the tattoo goes well with his massive chest. I'm just not sure if I like how the small inscription is embedded in the scripture citation. Not bad overall.
B for this chest tattoo.
His back tattoo doesn't work for me for some reason. Perhaps it is because of the asymmetry, and the dips and valleys of his muscles obscuring it. C for this back tattoo.

Trey Hardee.
Meaningful. Simple. Well designed.
B plus.

Will Grant.
One of the best tattoo depiction of Christ's cruxifiction. B plus.
The M seems awkwardly placed. C plus.
Overall, B.


Fit Studs said...

Mac Robinson & Serge Henir... <3

Peter said...

I am not a fan of tattoos; I find them distracting to the eye and disruptive of the lines musculature creates. These beautiful men have worked so hard to build their bodies into the masterful creations they are; why would they then cover their handiwork with ink? Skin is so beautiful; why cover it? I don't want to read some message on a guys abs or pecs or neck, or have to stare at some bad attempt at art. Tattoos don't add anything to a man's sexiness. I realize some people like them, and that's fine. But I'll never be drawn to the guy with ink when I can appreciate the guy without it so much more.

DrGaellon said...

That's not an M on Will Grant, it's a W - there's a G in the same font in the same spot on the other arm - when you look at him from the back with his arms down, it's his initials. It's actually a moderately clever placement. (I have a picture of him in that pose somewhere, but I don't have any way to post it for you.)

Kevin said...

love will grant!
you should take a look at him now. loads more ink.