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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grading Tattoos Part 1

Let me be on record to say that a guy has never been beautiful 'because' he has a tattoo. Never at any point in my long history of admiring hot guys have I ever looked at a man and said "He's missing a tattoo. One or two more would make him look better." And when I look at pictures of a guy pre- and with-tattoos, I can't recall a time when I preferred his tattooed body over his pre-tattoo body.

Tattoos can certainly compliment (or is it complement?) a man's physical beauty. That is to say, the tattoo fits the body and does not take away from the ability to appreciate the definition of his body. And then there are some hot guys who are hot 'in spite' of having awful tattoos.

Fortunately, our Man of the Month is one of those guys who have a tattoo that perfectly fits his body. In many ways, I would even go as far as saying as it 'enhances' the beauty of his body.

This is certainly one of the best tattoo work I've seen on a man. I give it a solid A.

Alex Velea had impressive tattoos.
These tattoos worked because they did not cover up the essential (his torso). B
That is...until he decided to add even more...
D minus. Sad face.

Anthony Greenfield.
While his tattoo isn't anything impressive, it doesn't detract from his overall beauty. B minus.

Callan Brooks has an upper arm sleeve that works very well on him! B+

Caue Amaral.
I'd rate these tattoos a B minus. Unnecessary, but not too distracting.
Caue Amaral with even more tattoos.
With the addition of snakes, his tattoos become too distracting. C minus.
(At least he's still effing cute)

Chad Pinther, and his few tattoos.
I'm sure these tattoos have significance for Chad, but their size almost make them pointless. At least they aren't too distracting. B minus.

Christian Hogue.
I've always loved how the flock of bird tattoos looked on his side.
The scripture quote on his triceps is one of the more tastefully done wordy tattoos I've seen.
Overall, these tattoos should be in a hall of fame of job well done!
Solid A.
But then the addition of those words on his sides takes a bit away from the cool flock of birds...
A minus.

Cody Calafiore. His tattoos aren't too distracting, but nothing to write home about. B minus.

Dan Osborne.
I cannot stand tattoos of faces. I never think tattoos of faces look good.
But damn, this guy is the perfect example of being sooooo hot in spite of his many tattoos.
His left upper arm sleeve is impressive. B plus.
The left side tatts are passable. C plus.
But the right arm sleeve is horrendous. F
Overall, C minus.

Derek Jameson. While his tattoos aren't spectacular; he knows how to dress to peak your curiosity about this tattoos...so I applaud his effort in working with what he's got. Solid B.

Greg Jameson. While I think the more color you add to a tattoo, the worse it gets. But I really do like this red-and-black schematic of tatt. I give that tatt alone a B plus. But the second tatt really doesn't do him any favors. C plus on it. So overall, his tatts average out to a B minus.

I'll be rating more hot guys with tattoos tomorrow. If you have a particular guy in mind you want me to critique...please tell me his name and I might include him in the next post.


Anonymous said...

very nice! please more with arm tattoos?

Fit Studs said...

I completely agree with you. At first, I disliked tattoo's. Through time, I managed to "live", & I don't mind them as long as they're not covering 50% of the (hot) man's body.

Btw, Callan Brooks & Christian Hogue... <3
Plus, of course, the man of the month, mmm!!!

uncle barry said...

I'm thinking François Sagat's scalp tattoo is probably one of the most unique but it works for him 😉

Anonymous said...

I love a tasteful tattoo that has significance. If you have a family crest, were in the military, or are an olympian, then hell yes! Inner arm tattoos rank an A++ because I think that area is inconspicuous and sexy. The things that turn me off are tattoos with large areas of red ink, which look like an infected wound. Faces are never done well and are always creepy. Words of wisdom belong on fortune cookies or bumper stickers, not your body. Chest tattoos automatically get a C, because if you have a great chest, don't screw it up with a doodle. Neck, face, head or large hand tattoos automatically get an F, and the person may be an unstable meth user.

Unfortunately most people get tattoos when they are young and have really bad taste. As we see in some of the regrettable pictures above.