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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Transformation of a Face: Justin Maina

A few years can make a lot of difference. It can transform a fresh-face cute boy-next-door into a man with stronger, more handsome facial features. I love that social media allows people to keep such a detailed photographic record of their transformation (and I love that it is often viewable by the public). Let's take a look at Justin's beautiful transformation.

Here is Justin a few years ago (I'm going to say circa 2010 or 2011). Notice his slim face and longer wavier hairstyle, the epitome of the free-spirited surfer dude just enjoying life to the fullest.

Now take a look at this marvel of a man. This classically handsome face. There is more width to his face, especially his jawline, making him that much more attractive...and that impeccable haircut truly accents his mature looks. Justin now looks like a man with specific goals in life and is determined to work hard to achieve them.
This eyes still sparkle of youth, but the wrinkles tell stories of more years of experience in life.
And now he feels right and comfortable in a nice suit.
Even with his face half-covered, this selfie still illustrates how that haircut really makes the man.

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Anonymous said...

That B&W pic sends me. What a gorgeous man.