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Sunday, December 13, 2015

nitpicking apart a man

So I've talked about how Justin Maina's face had transformed over the years... now let's talk about the even more impressive transformation of his body!

Justin Maina is super hot! Let's make that clear! But let's just say that a few years ago, based on how he looked, I wouldn't have ever considered him Man of the Week material. (Hope Justin's ego isn't too bruised if he reads this.)

In these pic, these has a very nice toned body with nice abs...but I honestly am not feeling it. Maybe it's his hairdo and his neckwear
Here, once again, his body is slim and lean, but not as impressive as I know it could (and will be).

In these underwear catalog shots, clearly Justin is trying to grow a better physique...
Maybe it's the lighting, but his abs don't really pop...
As Shania Twain used to sing...that don't impress'me much...

But for a man like Justin, he was never going to give up building that perfect body.

I will end tomorrow (and his two weeks with us) with his current incredible physique.

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