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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Men's Fitness starring Michael B Jordan

Well, Michael B Jordan is having quite a year.

I first noticed Michael back in 2009 when he became a series regular on one of my favorite TV shows: Friday Night Lights. Next, I saw him in Chronicle, one of my favorite movies of 2012. Then, Michael went on to star in a movie called Fruitvale Station, which was critically praised. Unfortunately, Michael met back up with the director of Chronicle to star in the rebooted Fantastic Four, which bombed with critics and audiences alike. But Michael redeemed his name and ended the year on a high-point, starring in Creed, the outstanding sequel to Rocky.

Michael B Jordan was jaw-droppingly ripped in that movie, and although he is not as lean in these pictures, at least these photos are not photoshopped to make him appear better than his current condition. Michael still has an impressive body, and I'm sure if the next role requires it, he will drop off that extra weight in a split second.

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