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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hot Singlets

Other than wrestling, I have no idea why anyone would wear singlets...but I'm sure glad they exist in this world. For a while now, I actually have a folder named Singlet where I occasionally save pix of guys wearing this article of clothing whenever I run across them on the internet. I was just trying to find the 'right man' to headline a mega-themed post about it. And finally, I've found that man!

I do believe Justin wears it the best out of all that are featured here, but take a look at all of them and feel free to disagree and comment afterwards.

Compare him to these other guys...

Arthur Keller.

Daniel Rumfelt.

Joe Locicero.

Julian Naderer.

Kevin Baker.

Victor Galvez Caballero.
(Okay, I do think Victor wears it second best; 
it really helps with how the picture was composed/edited)

Correll Bufford. Josh Boekelman.

How many of these unknowns can you help me identify?

Who is he?

Who are they?

Frankly, I'm surprised I haven't learned this guy's name yet...

I do have more singlet photos, but I'll save them for another day (and you can bet that Justin will headline it again)


Anonymous said...

The Unknown with the arm tattooing is Brian Edward Laferriere.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Keller and Kevin Baker and my #1 & #2...IF I were forced to choose...

Anonymous said...

I think the first one is "Nick Denbeigh".

Anonymous said...

naderer for me!

Christian H said...

I'd have to go with Daniel Rumfelt... those see through singlets..