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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Handstand Up to the Challenge

Although I know doing the handstand isn't as difficult as many other acrobatic feats, I am still amazed by people who can perform it... Even though I have been in that 'handstanding' position and held it for a few seconds, I have never actually been able to kick myself into that position without major assistance from people against a wall! The biggest obstacle for me is that fear of something going terribly wrong, and I end up falling and breaking my neck. I think I should've started learning it at a younger age when the distance between my head and the floor was not as high as it is now...Anyway, do you think I should retry to learn to do the handstand?

Hmm, these hot guys make it look so easy (and fun).

Starting with our Man of Two Weeks: Justin Maina.

Bernardo Velasco. Dan Bailey.

 El Eggs.

Frank Medrano. Pavel Rudometkin.

Pavel Rudometkin again.

Greg Plitt. Julien Quaglierini.

Sebastian Corsten. Shawn Grieco.

Tom Daley. Tyler Hoechlin.

Yuval Ayalon.

Not sure who the models are...
But the photographers are...
Andrei Vishnyakov. Russell Fleming.

Here are some unknown guys...

Apparently, this guy travels around the world and does naked handstands.

Haven't had your fill of hot guys doing handstands? Check out my previous collection on this subject.

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