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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cover Hunks for Lani Lynn Vale: SWAT Series

I know Lani Lynn Vale doesn't have 100% control on who gets to be on the covers of her books, but from the looks of this series, it seems like her idea of a SWAT member is big muscles, ab-tastically lean, and well-tattooed!
Haha, no complaints from me!
Please take a moment to interact with this blog. If you could put together the perfect model by mixing and matching the best features of these guys...what would you choose?
You might want to know the results. This is based on more than 50 folks who took the survey.
(Sorry I can't provide you immediate access to the responses)

1 comment:

Fit Studs said...

Can't choose this time, I like 'em all. Perfection! :)