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Monday, December 7, 2015

Body of a Man: Armpitty

Fun trivia about this blog: The very first 'body of a man' post was dedicated to the armpit!

While I don't actually have an above-normal affection for men's armpits, I certainly appreciate some visual 'side-benefits' to showcasing a man's underarm. Being able to see a man's axilla most certainly means his arms are exposed, which means at the very least he is wearing a sleeveless shirt. And if he were shirtless, that meant he is probably offering an unobstructed view of his spectacular sides.

So yes, I am not a true lover of men's armpits (I could pleasure a man in and around the armpit if he so desires, but I wouldn't nose-dive into it at my own volition). But I certainly hope some of my viewers have an armpit fetish, and I hope they enjoy this post.

Of course we start with Justin Maina.

Alex Santaniello.

Arthur Sales.

Benjamin Evans.

Chet Corey.

Chris Wide. David Gilkey.

Derek Raser.

Felipe Martins.

Joshua Michael Brickman.

Junior Arruda.

Justin Deeley.

Max Emerson.

Scott Herman.

Serge Henir.

Stephen Amell.

Vince Sant.

Wilson Bethel.;

Alex Crockford (I think I just might have found my next Man of the Week)!


Studs said...

Happy Monday! Arthur Sales just sold me himself. :D
Also... The always fit Vince Sant, super-manly Stephen Amell, charming Felipe Martins & some others. Nice post!!

Spear said...

Looks like a toss up between shaved pits and unshaved. Notice our boy Justin shows both