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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: A Year In Review Part 2

Let's see what happened on this blog for the last half of the year.

In July, I featured one of my favorite re-discoveries of the year: Mario Schafzahl. He was such a favorite of mine that I declared him Man of the Month, and I firmly believe that he deserved that title. Also in that month, were posts on guys wearing American-flag clothes, or just posing with that flag.Also, men in white towels. And a few lessons on the muscles of the arms.

August was when I discovered the addiction of instagram. On this blog, it became a jumble of guys featured for a couple of days. Notables include: Dustin McNeer, Anton Narinskiy, Brandon Osmond, Tyler Gattuso, as well as awesome pix by photog Chris Wiener.

September saw the likes of Mike Vacanti and Vince Sant. I also admired men in gymnastics.

November featured Scott Baptie as Man of the Week.

In December, Justin Maina started out as Man of the Week, until I decided to bump him up to Man of Two Weeks. That apparently did not sit well with a lot of folks who got too tired of seeing him, which resulted in a major loss in subscribers. Oh well...there's next year...


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why idiots who are really bad at photoshopping always try to mask Mario Schafzahl's facial features they deem 'imperfect'? They always try to clean up his cheek-bones area, which is wholly unnecessary and quite insulting to the man himself...

Hot Studs said...

Yes, Mario! <3 I agree with the already posted comment, his people (or him) are not using Photoshop properly.