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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: A Year In Review Part 1

So, what all has happened in 2015 that was newsworthy? A lot of interesting things. Black Lives Matter. Marriage equality in the entire United States. Mass shootings. Mass shootings. And more mass shootings around the world. The Presidential Primaries: Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump vs a clowncar of candidates. Movies: Jurassic World and Star Wars The Force Awakens (The Martian was my favorite).

So, what all happened in 2015 in my personal life? Nothing much to tell. Still doing a passable job at my job, and still as single as a one dollar bill. I've definitely gotten more lean than I've ever been in my entire life, with very decent abs to show for it. I've lifted more weights than I've ever lifted. And I ran my first obstacle course run this year, so all is good on the fitness front. 

So, what all happened in 2015 on this blog? Well, let's take a look back at the first half of the year.

In January, the first two men featured were Chase Isaacs and Shaun Thompson.

The first mega-themed post was about hot men running.

I also tried (and failed miserably) to create one NSFW post a week.

In February, I learned about Frank Hopkins, and he became the Man of Two Weeks (which actually lasted the entire February).

February was also the beginning of my fascinating with the article of clothing I call a muscle tee.

In March, Jiri Prochazka became the Man of the Week as well as the banner boy for this blog (He greets you in that gorgeous hoodie picture at the top of the website)

In April, I went edgy and risky by featuring guys being tied up/held captive. This did not please some of the readers of this blog. This month also featured guys in plain white tees and lumbersexuals.

In May, I was obsessed with guys fixing/washing/posing next to/driving in cars. Yep, that was a thing I did in May.

In June, I started out by telling you my thoughts on the presentation of this blog, which is my long winded way of congratulating myself on spending so much time on this hobby of mine. I also declared the image of a man getting out of the pool by lifting himself up with his arms is one of the sexiest of all photographic poses.

I'm breaking this post up in two parts because I don't have time to sit and do an entire year's post. The next Year In Review post will come within 24 hours.

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