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Monday, November 30, 2015

Man of the Week: Justin Maina

Let's face facts. There are no shortage of hot guys in the world, and my selection of men to be declared Man of the Week is pretty arbitrary and a whole lot of factors come into that selection.

Have I chosen a Man of the Week simply because I had lots of photos of him? Yes. Have I chosen a Man of the Week based on one single spectacular photo? Yes. Have there been times when I seem to be way more infatuated with a guy than most of my readers, and thus became depressed to see few comments about him? Yes. If I could go back, would I undo a few Man of the Week nominations? Yes.

Having said all that, let me tell you my decision to make Justin Maina the Man of the Week.

Well a few days ago, I was looking through folders and folders of saved pictures in my hard drive, trying to find some random hot pix of random hot guy to post on here (to make up for my days of slacking) until I ran into this picture...
My first thought was "Damn, this guy is hot" and my second thought was "Is that a speedo or a thong" and my third thought was "It's so atrocious, I can't possibly post this photo even if the guy is super hot."

The next natural step for me was to 'reverse' google search the image to see if I could identify the guy and find other better pictures of him (Yes, I hadn't figured out who he was at the point). The result of my search led to no name, but I was able to find other pix of him modeling for these awfully colorful swimsuits.

I also found swimwear that I would actually want to buy and not be embarrassed about wearing...

His face was too familiar; I definitely knew he's appeared in this blog before. And I could also vaguely picture him being featured in posts of his own...But the matter of his name still eluded me. So I did the only thing I could do...I went back through the archives until I could identify him!

And by golly, I found him! Justin Maina has actually appeared on my blog a total of 3 times (all within 2015). Here's him as an all-american cowboy, and here's him just being super sexy.

Of course when I obsess over a guy, it becomes really unhealthy. I forget to eat and sleep in my crazy search to find all that I can find on him (Facebook, instagram, photographers they've shot with etc).

This shall be an enjoyable week for me featuring the incredible hotness of this man; I hope you enjoy it just as much...and if I get enough comments, I may promote him to Man of Two Weeks.


hot guy of the day said...

Justin's gorgeous. Yup, saw him before elsewhere. And I gotta agree about that tacky swimwear. The last photos have better clothes, far better. He's a babe, however! ^_^

Rex said...

Way awesome post!