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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Front and Back to Scott Baptie

Long time followers of this blog might realize this: Whenever a 'Man of the Week' is featured, there is always least one 'mega-themed post' for that week. A 'mega-themed post' is just a big gallery of pix that showcases certain theme. In such a post, the Man of the Week is almost always the headliner, because more often than not, he is the inspiration for the post.

But if you noticed, the most recent Man of the Week Scott Baptie did not get this special treatment (blame life!)

So it might be really late, but I would like to remedy this by featuring a mega-themed post on an aspect of Scott Baptie that is truly amazing: his entire upper body!

So please enjoy Scott's headlining photos, as well as the photos of other hunks in this post.

Bo Roberts.

Josh Carter.

Kevin Perod.

Vincent Fiore.

Nat Taylor.

Samuel Dixon.

Tim Gabel.

Velibor Pocek (thanks to the reader who IDed him).

Thanks for the ID. This is Logan Swiecki-Taylor.

Thanks for the ID! Sebastian Lund.

I have a bunch of unknowns...or guys whose names have slipped my mind at the moment...please help me identify them!

Starting out with this incredible hunk...

How about this cutie?

He looks so familiar...why can't I recall his name?

Finally, I featured this guy recently, but I still want to know his name!


Hot guy blog said...

Tim could get it for sure. ^_^
Maybe: Velibor, Samuel & the hot daddy Kevin.

Anyways, hot damn post, man!!!

Joshua said...




are Logan Swiecki-Taylor. TOTAL hunk.


Anonymous said...

Name??? is Sebastian Lund :-)