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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kyle Hardwick by Scott Cushman

Instagram has been a wonderful new source of inspiration to find hot guys and new talented photographers. Even though I've got a busy schedule, and my updates are irregular these days, you should believe me when I say that I've got a second wind when it comes to my desire to update this blog. 

One of my favorite recent discoveries on instagram is Scott Cushman, who not only snap pictures of good-looking guys...he makes each and every single pixel pop. Apparently, photography isn't Scott's main source of income, so he was super relaxed when I asked him to feature his photos on the blog. :-)

Then there's Kyle Hardwick, one of Scott's best photographed subjects. Kyle is a fitness model, and all I can see is great things in his future. Good luck :-) Kyle if you ever see this.

We of course start out with the obligatory shirt-wearing photo. (Don't worry, it doesn't last for long)

Kyle follows photog's orders and shows off more skin!

Yay! Kyle is fully shirtless now. Although he still has to share image realty with a backpack :-P

And then there's this image...which is just...*faints*


Hot Studs said...

What a man! Finally someone worth commenting for. :D
At least IMHO. :)

Anonymous said...

Is this handsome lad your "hubby" as well? :-)