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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kyle Hardwick by David Bickley

When I came to (after fainting as a result of displaying the last image from the last post), the compulsion to search for more Kyle Hardwick was stronger than ever, so this is the fruit of my labor: a collection of jaw-dropping shots by David Bickley.
With buzzed hair and a leaner, ripped body (compared to the photos by David Cushman), these photos are just instant classic. Kyle knows how to build that aesthetically pleasing physique of a fitness model, and he does it flawlessly.
Here's my challenge for you (the viewers). Without searching for answers on the internet, do you believe these photos were shot before or after the photos by Scott Cushman?
The answer will be revealed tomorrow (with more pix of him).


hot guy with abs said...

Adorable! :) Wish the photos weren't tagged, tho.

Define A Man said...

what do you mean by 'tagged'? i think the watermark logo is minor enough that it doesn't hurt the photo in any way.

hot guy with abs said...

Well, I noticed it. And it does annoy, I prefer clean & clear images. Still, your blog - your choice.

Define A Man said...

it's the photographer's choice to put a stamp on his photo...there's nothing i can do about it.

but i do find it annoying when another blogger chooses to do something similar, when clearly they own no right to the photos.

hot guy with abs said...

Yeah, I understand that... And sure, it is the right of the photographer. I just don't enjoy those photos as much, it steals from the quality of the image IMO. Then I think the photographer is hungry & desperate for attention when there's no need for it.

If you're that good, you'll get discovered & people will hire you.