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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Have a Sexy Halloween

Costumes are expensive. A batman cowl is 16 bucks; his geared gloves are also the same price. If you buy all the parts to make up a full costume, you'll be shelling out $100! So can you blame when people choose to under dress for Halloween?

Need a last-minute costume idea? How about these?

Serge Henir aka Serge Mironov. It's so sad, he can't afford a complete shirt and pants.
But Serge is downright overdressed compared to these Captain Americas.

Check out these Wolverines.

How about Nightwing?

Green Lantern. With varying amount of body paint.

Superheroes not your thing? How about get a hat and turn yourself into an All American cowboy.

It'll be hard to find wings at the last minute, but hunky angels are meant to be shirtless!

Or how about a warrior of some sort?

Or get yourself baggy cargo pants and suspenders and turn yourself into a firefighter.

1 comment:

Studs said...

Ooooh, I do quite like some of these men.
Especially the manly ones. Buff ones like Wolverine! <3