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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Vince Sant for C&A

Here is Vince. Looking gorgeous and happy sitting somewhere by his lonesome.
You think he is in need of some company...

But before you can approach him, Vince finds a buddy and lounges about with him...

Ugh, opportunity missed. ;(

Looks like Vince is by himself again.

Time to swoop in!

Wait a minute, where did he go?

Promise not get too jealous and to throw a fit when you see the pic below?

Whatever mean thoughts you have about the person he's pictured with...

....just keep it in your head. Don't blurt it out!

Remember, don't call the other person names...It's not nice!

....Are you ready?

What a bitch!


Anonymous said...

He has a beautiful smile. And that last pic reminds me a photo of my mum and dad when they were young. Love it.

Hot Studs said...

Damn, Vince... Why you gotta be so sexy?!