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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Legendary Steven Legendre

Meet Steven Legendre.
With a name like that, you've got to live up to it!
Fortunately, Steven is a solid male gymnast, having won Gold on Floor Exercises and Vault in National competitions, and silver for Vaults on the World stage.

And I don't think it's hard to agree that he has a legendary body.
Although he stands only 5'6", on the shorter range of male gymnast heights, the proportion of his muscles makes him seem taller in most photographs.
When hotties collide, here he is with Jake Dalton.
And here he is, the legend by himself.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that all these gymnasts you're posting pics of will be in the next summer Olympics!

hot guy of the day said...

Jake Dalton's appearance is my favorite part. <3